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The leaves of fall composted become the soil of spring.

Jacques-Benigne Bossuet (1629-1704) in a sermon on death states:

All things summon us to death;
Nature, almost envious of the good she has given us,
Tells us often and gives us notice that she cannot
For long allow us that scrap of matter she has lent…
She has need of it for other forms,
She claims it back for other works.

In the “Old School Building” the building seems to blend with the land, as a tree might. The sounds of children in the school are gone forever. It is a lonesome grandfather that nobody visits, waiting for time to complete its decay.

“30 Perspectives” deals with the horizon from different views at sunset, the end of day, metaphors for the passage of time, the brevity of life. The ten large perspectives continue this theme.

The horizontal monotypes speak of the earth as power, weather being a trickster. Why does California burn and the mid-west flood? Nature knows why and we have little control over what she deems.

During a trip to Africa last December to teach art in an orange dirt, poor orphanage, I saw the most incredible phenomenon; people can be happy with very little. The burnt sienna soil of Uganda bears children of an even darker shade that the world needs to know about. Their parents gave them a scrap of their matter, and now without them the children are doing the best they can to be productive citizens. Hopefully as time passes this school will be silent waiting for its decay as well and there will no longer be AIDS or civil war in this country. Of course, that would be too perfect, wouldn’t it?

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