image from collection SCREAM
OCTOBER 3 - OCTOBER 28, 2006

Does art change the way people think? Does Picasso's powerful "Guernica" stop leaders from waging war?

Daniel A. Siedell states:
The Western intellectual and aesthetic tradition is premised on an assumption that creative human achievement, whether in art, music, science, literature or philosophy, celebrates and reveals the intimate relationship between the good, the true and the beautiful. This tradition presupposes that participation in the arts and humanities makes one a better person.

So what is wrong in our world today? War, terror, corporate greed, religious fanaticism, consumer excess and environmental this another Armageddon? Is the world in the sundown of its days? Certainly we no longer relate to the good, the true and the beautiful. Or did we ever?

As sadness washes over me, I feel an inner scream as I make my art. These pieces communicate more generally about the experience of grappling with factors beyond our perception or control: forces at play that we may never be fully aware of, events we are powerless to prevent.

In these works I give one much to consider without telling one what to think.

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