image from collection GOING HOME
MAY 21 - JUNE 15, 2002

Nine days after September 11, I scattered my husband's ashes on the Madison River in Montana. The extraordinary grand river valley held a stark contrast to the horror we were witnessing on television.

This is a day forever etched in my memory as I watched Vern's silvery ashes float away from me and disappear into the breathtakingly beautiful, indigo water. As I never had before, I felt the soul of the earth and my connection to it. This was Vern's land, not mine. However, on that spot, that day, I found a sense of place and spirituality in nature and a consolation for our mortality. I find myself repeatedly drawn to that valley, like an image in a dream that keeps coming back.

For me, the process of artmaking is deeply felt; art is simply a part of my personal life path.

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